Elon Musk Wants To Quit Tesla

Elon Musk – the world famous billionaire, best known as the founder of Tesla is also responsible for the creation of PayPal, Solar City and Space X. All revolutionary multi-million companies. Basically, anything he touches and comes up with turns to gold. Although it seemed like Tesla is his main focus, turns out he is actually considering quitting his position on the company to focus on a new business venture in Artificial Intelligence. Musk believes this new AI technology is way more impactful than Tesla could ever be.

So what is this AI company Musk has suddenly decided to focus towards? It’s called Deep Mind, and up until now was mainly owned by Google, although Elon did have a small investment in place just to keep a better look on the things going on in this company. Although no publications were posted by DeepMind, we suspect they have discovered something huge and this is the reason Musk suddenly decided to jump all in on this company.

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Elon Musk invested early in DeepMind just to keep tabs on the progress of AI